Welcome to Fudan IAS 简体中文

The Fudan Institute for Advanced Study in Social Sciences (hereafter, the “Fudan IAS”) was established in 2008 as a university-level, comprehensive social sciences research institute. In line with Fudan University’s strategic mission to become a “Double First-Class” university, the Fudan IAS is transforming itself into an important platform for interdisciplinary integration in the social sciences, recruiting outstanding research fellows, hosting visits from world-renowned scholars, and engaging in international scholarly exchange. In doing so, the Fudan IAS aims to provide support to the development of several disciplines and “clusters of disciplines” and thus makes contributions to achieving the university’s strategic goal and to enhancing Fudan University’s domestic, regional and international academic reputation.

Currently, one brand of the Fudan IAS interdisciplinary research projects is an “Annual Theme”. Each year, our research team, consisting of research fellows, “researchers in-residence”, post-doc fellows, and international visiting scholars conducts research projects and publishes scholarly works in two main fields: “Chinese politics, law and social development” and “global governance and the transformation of world order”. At present, the Fudan IAS is working on the “Global Justice Evaluation Index and Database Building” project. As a large-scale comprehensive research program consisting of academic research, international academic exchanges, international publications, and database building, the Global Justice Evaluation Index and Database Building project focuses on the cutting-edge and global issues of “global justice” by inviting and integrating researchers in political philosophy, political science, international relations, sociology, economics, law and statistics at Fudan, by appointing world-renowned scholars as principal investigators. We aim at producing first-class research outcomes by working with scholars from overseas and other institutions.

The Contemporary China Research Center at Fudan University is created by and housed at the Fudan IAS. The Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences editorial office is housed at the Fudan IAS and published by the prestigious Springer-Nature Press since 2014. The journal is included in the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), a new index in the Web of Science Core Collection of of Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuter).

The Fudan IAS has 12 full-time research fellows, 16 associated faculty from departments and colleges across the social science disciplines of Fudan University, .23 adjunct professors from major universities of China in social sciences and humanities. The full time research fellows are: Dr. Sujian Guo, an Honorary Professor of the “Changjiang Scholar Programs” of the Ministry of Education; Dr. Sujian Guo and Dr. Donghang He, Fudan University “Distinguished Professors;” Dr. Su Gu and Dr. Qingping Liu, full professors; Dr. Guodong Sun and Dr. Xi Lin, associate professors; Dr. Chunman Zhang, a senior lecturer; Dr. Runhua Chen, Dr. Zhongyuan Wang, Dr. Yanfeng Gu and Dr. Xuan Qin, lecturers; Dr. Jean-Marc Coicaud, a Fudan University “Distinguished Chair Professor”.

Dr. Sujian Guo, a political scientist and Honorary Professor of “Chang Jiang Scholars” of the Ministry of Education, serves as the Dean of the Fudan IAS.