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Rediscovering China Forum

    Rediscovering China forum is an academic forum that discusses political, social, economic and legal problems in contemporary China. Here is the incomplete list of 20 forum themes: “Political Science and Chinese Political Studies” (2009.3), “The Cultural Sources of Deliberative Politics in East Asia” (2010.5), “Legitimacy and Governance” (2010.7), “The China Study in the Context of Political Philosophy and Globalization” (2010.10), “China’s Civil Society Organizations: Governance and Management” (2011.11), “State-Society Relationship in the New Era: Lessons for and from China” (2013.6), “Social Sciences and State Building” (2013.12), “The Chinese Dream: Value Construction and Institution Building” (2014.6), “ Xi Jinping and The Age of Comprehensive Reform” (2014.12), “Governance: History, Theory and Practice” (2015.12), “Social Governance in Focus: Ideas, Theories and Institutional Innovation” (2016.11), “ The De-globalization and New Globalization?” (2017.10)

Future World Forum

Future World Forum is an (international) academic forum that focuses on the discussion of the transformation of world order, global governance and global justice. Below is the list of the past 7 forum themes: “China’s Social Sciences in the Age of Globalization” (2008.12), “Green Revolution and World Order” (2009.12), “The Age of Globalization: Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of Cross-Strait Social Sciences” (2010.10), “China’s Social Sciences Go Global” (2010.12), “Humanities and Social Sciences Disciplines Face A Changing World: Opportunities, Challenges and New Frontiers” (2011.6), “Justice in A Transitional Society: China and the World” (2011.12), “Balancing Political Reform and Economic Reform” (2012.12).

In total, the Fudan IAS has held more than 30 conferences from 2008-2018.