Welcome to Fudan IAS 简体中文

1. Publications of Research Fellows

    Since 2008, research fellows at the Fudan IAS have published around 80 books, including 28 scholarly monographs, more than 30 edited volumes and around 20 translated works. In the meantime, research fellows have published nearly 500 articles, among which 30 papers are published in English from SSCI/AHCI journals and prestigious Chinese periodicals, 150 papers are published in CSSCI indexed journals, and 300 papers in other journals and book chapters.

2. Academic Journals

    Sujian Guo is the Editor-In-Chief of the Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences (ESCI), the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Chinese Political Science (SSCI, based in the US), a founding Executive Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese Political Science Review (ESCI, based in Fudan), and a founding Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Chinese Governance. In total, these journals have published 100 issues.

3. Book Series

     US publisher Rowman & Littlefield’s book series “Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development” edited by Sujian Guo has published around 30 books. Guo is Editor-in-Chief of the Shanghai People’s Press and Truth & Wisdom Press book series  “China in Transition” which has published 6 books.

In addition, the Fudan IAS has edited and published 15 books in multiple book series, including “Series on Developing China”, “Rediscovering China”, “In-depth Study of China”, “Contemporary Chinese Development”, “Fudan IAS Lecture Collections” and “Knowledge and Law”, etc.